A professional couple located on the near westside of Madison is seeking a Full Time Nanny to begin August 12, 2016. They will need the nanny to work ~40-45 hrs/week caring for their daughter that will be 9 months old, with occasional care for their older daughter that is 2 1/2 year old and attends a full day preschool program (2 weeks in August and 1-2 days/month the rest of the year). Typical hours would be 9-5pm Monday-Friday, but would be ideal to have a nanny who is open to starting early (e.g. 8:30am) or ending late (e.g. 5:30pm) some days to accommodate occasional work meetings that extend beyond the 9-5pm day (rare). 

They are looking to work with someone warm and engaging – Their daughter is a sweet and social girl who loves to be talked, read, and sung to. During this early developmental stage (6 months to 2 years) they would like a nanny who models lots of language, can work with her on her motor milestones as she becomes more mobile, and help her to explore the world in their home and at nearby parks, libraries, and other child-appropriate locations. They also would like someone who is comfortable with setting and maintaining boundaries and rules as she gets older, for example adhering to nap/sleep routines, correcting problematic behavior when it arises, administering a “time out” or other method as these become necessary. In the past they have worked best with a nanny who felt very comfortable having an open dialogue with them about any issues that arose, sometimes giving them suggestions or options for ways to solve things, and in other situations asking for their help and guidance in how to deal with something. This family truly respects and values the time, skills, and knowledge of a nanny, and would like to have an open and mutually respectful relationship with their nanny.

Pay range is $12-14/hour including $100 towards health insurance. Benefits include 3 paid sick/personal days, 12 days of paid vacation (week between Christmas and New Years; week in July to be choose by employer; 2 additional days of nanny’s choice), paid holidays and mileage reimbursement. Starts mid August. 

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