[ssba] A professional couple that is centrally located in Madison (Regent neighborhood by Camp Randall) is seeking a Nanny-Household Manager. They have three kids. Their eldest is a busy 10 year old girl who enjoys music, gymnastics, soccer, small children and friends. She wants to be a preschool teacher when she grows up. Their middle child is a 8 year old girl (3rd grade) who loves soccer, Girl Scouts and art. She wants to be a chef when she grows up. Their youngest is a 5 year old boy (4K at Preschool of the Arts) who loves trucks, Star Wars and Legos and wants to be a panda when he grows up. 🙂 The nanny will work about 25-30 hours per week during the school year and 50-55 hours per week in the summer months. The nanny will be paid a set weekly salary during the school year and a higher set salary in the summer months. In return, the nanny must have complete flexibility to work as needed during the school year such as non-school days, breaks or mildly ill kids. They are seeking someone that is fun-loving, bright, reliable, non-smoking, detail-oriented and can anticipate childcare as well as household needs. Household management duties will include light housekeeping tasks, meal preparation, laundry, household errands and weekly grocery shopping. Childcare duties will be focused on providing structure and discipline in addition to transporting the children to and from school and extracurricular activities, supervise play dates, help kids pack their lunches for the next day, light housekeeping (picking up only as major cleaning is already done weekly by cleaning staff). The family encourages lots of developmental activities (reading books, legos, drawing, arts and crafts, strategy games) as well as trips out and about on non school days such as exploring local nature conservancies, parks and museum trips. They describe their ideal candidate as energetic, creative, confident and warm who is organized and very reliable. Must have genuine understanding of how to foster independence, confidence and resilience. They really want a nanny that will partner with them and become an extended member of the family and also a positive role model in their children’s lives. They want their nanny to be comfortable and happy in their home and truly enjoy their job! This family has two cats so the nanny must not have allergies. The salary range for this position is very negotiable based on experience and credentials. Includes at least 2 weeks paid vacation, 3 paid personal days, use of vehicle, pool passes for the summer and money towards health insurance; if required. Thier last nanny of 7 years servers as a Wonderful reference for this family!

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