A family located in Cottage Grove is seeking  a part time nanny. They have a 11 year old daughter and 8 year old son. Their daughter has Aspergers and Bi-polar disorder and is schooled at home in the mornings. They are seeking a nanny that is kind, patient but able to be firm when necessary, has a good sense of humor and can help her in identifying and expressing her feelings if she is in a difficult mood. Ideally they would like someone with a special needs/mental health background or a true heart for children suffering from these types of disorders. She enjoys doing creative projects, going outside to search for bugs and research science related topics. The schedule is very flexible to meet the needs of the “right” candidate but the parents were thinking of a schedule of 10:30am/11:00am until 3:30/4:00pm; including additional hours if available for evenings and weekends or the occasional overnight if the parents would like to get get away. They would need the nanny to take their daughter to an appointment once a week (approx.), and take her out in the community to do some fun activities and also occasionally  pick up their son from school as well. They are offering a very competitive salary based on skill and experience including benefits.

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