A family located in near westside of Madison in Shorewood Hills (off University Avenue) is seeking a loving nanny to begin January 3rd for their 5 month old son (born in July). They will need the nanny to work 3 days per week; likely Monday, Tuesday and Wedneday from 7:30am until 5:00pm. They are seeking a nanny that is responsible, caring, has experience caring for an infant, is energetic, engages with their baby and will provide him with enriching, age appropriate activities. The number one priority would be caring for their son–regular diaper changes, feeding, putting him down for naps, playing with him, keeping him happy and entertained. If the baby is napping, light housework would be helpful–putting away dishes, doing laundry, tidying up. They will likely have classes that they would like the nanny to take their son to, and participate in with him. (For example, a music class, story hour at the library, etc.) They would provide a car seat and base for nanny’s car.

The pay range is very negotiable based on previous experience; including one week paid vacation and 4 paid personal days and possibly money towards health insurance if needed. *Nanny must not have cat allergies. 

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