A family located in Verona is seeking a full time nanny. They will consider a live out or a live in nanny. The have a 4 month old infant girl that had a brain injury at 2 months old and need a nanny that is ideally experienced or qualified and willing to learn to feed her with a NG tube. The hours would be 8-5pm or 9-6pm (flexible). The family also have a 4 year old little girl, but at this time the care is primary for the baby.

The main duties would include taking care of the baby, feeding (through Ng Tube and orally), playing, reading, singing to her, giving her a lot of playtime and giving her some medications. They would love to have her get a lot of infant massages too for circulation. Nanny would also work with parents to positively help her start feeding orally. Nanny may also be asked to help  take her for out patient therapies(she will potentially have 2-3/week).

The parents said, “she is our pure bundle of joy. She has been through a lot medically. She lost a lot of blood at 2 months of age and got brain/kidney injury due to that. She is still the most patient girl and loves to get tickled and will give you the biggest smile and giggle. She is still making a recovery and surprises us with a new thing she does every few days. She loves to cuddle,talk and rarely cries. Our hope is to find a loving,positive and experienced nanny to help her.” Starts ASAP!

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